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Polly V belt failure!

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I?ve change my Smart Roadster Polly V belt after a couple of weeks by chance I check the engine and I surprised that Polly V belt has broken and disappeared, any one has any suggestions? Is there something wrong! I am driving my Roadster whiteout Polly V belt, is that ok?


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That picture you're quoting is the 451 engine, your engine is basically a more powerful 450 engine. This resource has what you're looking for:

As to not driving your Roadster without the belt, well that depends on which belt broke. If your A/C belt broke you can drive without it. If your alternator belt broke DO NOT DRIVE THE CAR. You will cook the poor little engine.

Easy way to tell if your broken belt is the alternator? Start the car. If after the car is started the battery warning light stays on, your broken belt is the alternator belt. Shut down the car.

Without the alternator belt you don't have charging and your engine has extremely limited cooling. It'll only make it maybe a mile or two before overheating, so plan accordingly. It may even need to be towed.
Thanks mate, it?s not alternator belt, because car start fine and no battery warming come up
It must be the A/C belt one
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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