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I RECENTLY PURCHASED a 2006 450. Worked fine for months. It would always shudder on initial launch and in reverse. Now it shudders and starts moving and then pops out of first. There is nothing displayed on the screen. Stop and it goes back into 1. Sometimes it will take many tries for it to work properly. It's only at a complete stop. This is dry pavement also. Every other gear works fine/pulls fine.
I adjusted the actuator. And it went away for a week or 2. Now its back again. The actuator was tight and didn't move. I tried moving it again. And same thing. Worked for a week and back to popping out of first at a dead stop.
I noticed that if I apply less throttle it would go into 1st Sometimes with no problems. The harder I engage the accelerator the more likely it pops out. This car has 60k miles and cdi.
I can't find anything on this after days of searching TIA!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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