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Greetings to all, today is Monday, 11/19/2007 and in 2 days, I'll be going to the LA Auto Show to check out the Smart Car and other cars that get >= 30 MPG Highway.

I currently drive a 250cc Honda Motorcycle, which does about 63 MPG city driving; however it isn't very good on a freeway or when it rains. For those times, I drive an "older" Chev. SUV which get about 14 MPG city and 18 MPG highway. Back when I purchased the SUV new in 1998, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but over the years as gas prices went up ... Well, it isn't such a great thing to drive $$$$$ now.

My wife drives a Prius, which is a dream car and a pleasure to drive. We get around 40 MPG city and around 52 MPG highway. The only downside is the cost of the Prius.

Which is why I took an interest in the Smart Car. However, there are other cars that might do as well, so I felt going to the LA Auto Show would answer a lot of questions about what each one is like.

I'll share more in a few days....

Bob Diaz
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