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Problem with rear lights... any suggestions?

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Recently our drivers side brake light went out on our 2008 SmartCar. When removing the bulb I actually broke the bad bulb and then had a hard time getting the new bulb in.

Now both brake lights work. Both turn signals work BUT the problem is, at night when the headlights are on and the rear lights are on, the drivers side rear light doesn't work it works when braking and as a turn signal. It does not come on like the passengers side does. So now at night when driving down the roads with the headlights on, the back passenger light is on but the drivers light is not.

Has anyone experienced this?

Does anyone know if I can fix it or what I would need to order to fix it?

Is it possible part of the bulb isn't making the connection to light up at this time because when removing the bad bulb one of the prongs/things the bottom of the bulb touches somehow was bent and now is not touching?

All suggestions, insight, etc are extremely appreciated. I don't want my wife to get pulled over.

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Worse comes to worse left bulb carrier part number: A 451 820 03 77

When searching online for example you can use just the numbers and no spaces, or try adding the leading letter, again with no spaces.

I'm afraid I haven't touched the bulb in that position yet....
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