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I saw this video on youtube where a guy uses a SKP-900 key programmer which sells on ebay for $450 to program a blank cut key using his original key to communicate with the device and write that data on the new transponder.

Here is the video.

Has anybody seen this and considered ordering the device? Seems a lot better than paying the dealer $300-$1400 for a new set of keys. Also you'll have a programmer to yourself and might make some $ on craigslist programming people's keys or for your friends/family.

I might buy this device and give it a shot as the buttons are broken on my current key. Smart Madness has blank keys for $120 with the motherboard inside of them. And I'm sure a locksmith could cut the key for me for no more than $50 using my original key.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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