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Hi all: have a 2018 453 EQ Passion. Bought a level 2 Charge point station for home charging.
Charger works as expected except when I use the app to program delayed overnight charging.
I program the charger to start charging at 7 p.m. to utilize cheaper electricity rates. I come home and plug the car in at say 6 p.m.
Along comes 7 and nothing happens. The Smart seems to go to sleep after a few minutes of getting out of the car and does not wake up when the charger attempts to charge. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? The wifi link to the charger is fine and I can access the charger via the app anytime. When not using the program delay, the charger works fine as long as I open a door to wake the car up, otherwise plugging into a sleeping car does nothing.
Thanks for any advice, the manual does not seem to have anything on this issue that I could find.
Does not bode well for maintaining the battery during storage for longer periods either.
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