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Progress on my baby's makeover

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We put about half the 'new' panels on this afternoon. We have the doors and side struts to go, which means getting the mirrors back on. My avatar shows the new color scheme.

A silver grille came with the replacement panels, but we agreed that black looked better so I spent most of the time refurbing the pieces that were with the original blue body. My hands are killing me.

On the hood, you can see where the Cars 2 Go decal was. My brother thinks it will eventually go/wear away. Opinions?

The 'electric drive' on the back panel is glued on apparently, not attached with screws. As amusing as filling up at the gas station would be with that on the car, I'm wondering if there's a way to remove it. If it had been screwed on, I (read: my brother) would have filled the holes with something and covered the space with my "You just got passed by a 3 cylinder" decal. Any ideas on removing it without causing damage?

Also, the replacement gas cap tether I bought is too tight to let the cap spin when you turn it. We tried silicone; next is graphite powder. I couldn't find an OEM, accordion-type replacement tether. Very irritating.

That's today's report.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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