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Greetings all. My first post here.
Recently got a great deal on a 2008 Passion that was rear ended and listed as a salvage vehicle. It runs great but whoever did the work forgot to put a few parts back. It also kept coming up with "Very small leak" on the Evap System.

Here is my experience so far and hope this helps some people.

Service Manuals for the Smart Fortwo:
This car is so easy to work on but I have had a hard time finding service data and procedures. I subscribed to All Data diy and I found the online info to be next to useless. Ordered some Mercedes Service Manuals from eBay on DVD which appears to be the same useless info as All Data but easier to use and I question the copyright and legality of the DVDs since it is a captured program running in a virtual machine with Windows XP as the Operating system. I finally settled for Chiltons Online manual as the best.

Evaporative Emission Leak on the Smart Fortwo:
There was extensive work done on the rear of the car and some of it not done too well. The connection from the Fuel Filler Pipe to the rubber hose connecting to the gas tank was not done properly. The single narrow hose clamp was over tightened causing the rubber hose end to flare out away from the steel filler pipe. Since the flare faced up, it collected and held any water and condensation causing corrosion that traveled under the hose clamped area causing the leak. I removed the pipe and cleaned it down to bare metal on a wire wheel. I reassembled it with two hose clamps with the screws 180 apart to make sure it sealed properly against the pitted pipe. I lubed the pipe slightly with Silicone grease and did not over tighten the clamps. I dropped the fuel tank to inspect for other improper maintenance but overall condition and security were good. The various vent lines in the system require no special tools and are fairly fool proof if kept clean.

Body Panel Removal
The right rear fender had to be removed and the hardest part was working up the nerve to just pry the lower trim panel away from the frame. I purchased a set of plastic trim panel removal tools which helped with this. The next hardest part was removing the plastic push pin rivets without damaging them. I found a very thin 4 inch flat steel crowbar to be the best since it was thin enough to work under the push pin heads.

Diagonal Cross Bracing and Jacking Points
The diagonal Cross Braces under the fuel tank were never reinstalled by the previous mechanic. They look simple enough to fabricate in my shop but I have nothing to go on as to the material thickness or cross section dimensions. Are they part of the structure of the car or just backup support for the fuel tank?

The rear jack point pads are missing and it appears they bolt on top of the rear attachment point for the Diagonal Brace.

Any help with the missing components would be appreciated.
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