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I'll figger this car out
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I have a smart Passion that I'm fixing. Following that, I want to get/make a smart Pure, which comes without AC or auto transmission.

I'm buying a second dead smart with a blown engine and AC.

It would seem that, to convert this car to a Pure, I would only need to replace/repair the engine and get a clutch set-up for the transmission.

In this way, I drive the Pure directly and I don't need/want AC

So how crazy is my idea? I'm thinking a 451 would be the best candidate, because it seems so hard to find a 450, which were often MT-equipped cars.

Your comments, please!

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Isn't the smart Pure a MT-equipped vehicle? How is it shifted?
All fortwo models used an "automated manual" transmission of some kind. Five or six speed manual transmissions, complete with a clutch, shifted by the computer via a clutch actuator and shift motors to make the actual gear changes. They really are smart cars......:)

1 Shift fork for shift collar 5
2 Shift fork for reverse gear sliding gear
3 Shift fork for shift collar 1/3
4 Shift fork for shift collar 2/4
5 Main shaft
6 Selector drum 1/3, 5
7 Selector drum 2/4, R
8 Input shaft
M17/3 Transmission motor 1
M17/4 Transmission motor 2
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