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Questions from a newbie

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I am new to the EV scene and have recently gotten a 2016 smart fortwo ED. I made the mistake of leaving it overnight charging at a level 2 charger (J1772 plug based I believe). I got a message from my charging provider that the car is drawing very little power and may be fully charged. I have some questions about this :)

Did I do anything bad to the battery?

How does this actually work? I understand there is an onboard 3.3kW charger, and there is the connector for the 120V connection for home. I know the part that provides the 120V connector at home has some brains in that it tells you about ground fault protection etc. Does the 3.3kW charger have bigger brains to protect it from dumb things like I just did?

I have read other parts of the forum and am looking forward to being a part of this community.

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Not to worry. It's fine to leave the cable connected. Most of us do that all the time. (Who wants to get up at 3AM to unplug the car when it's fully charged?) The car won't "overcharge" the battery, it's not that dumb.

The "charger" i.e. the circuit that converts AC to DC and controls current flow and battery charging is in the car. It works off 120V - 240V. The huge black brick with the yellow spiral cord is just a fancy extension cable with fancy protection circuitry, called "Level 1 EVSE". For public or home 240V stations "Level 2 EVSE" the protection stuff is build into the wall box or pole, the charger is still in the car.
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