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Electric drive YES! Gas driven... NO! The MPG on the gas (ICE) version makes no sense. You can get a lot of small ICE cars that are far more reliable, more passenger space, easier to maintain and equal or better gas mileage. Smart car for a lot of freeway driving? Never. No way. For a lot of freeway driving I would recommend a VW golf wagon, Acura station wagon, Honda accord wagon, something with a longer wheel base. Small cars are best for short commutes and city driving. Sure, you can drive a tiny car on the freeway or on long trips but you will be tired, the car will be working extra hard (tiny car, tiny engine, high speeds) on long highway trips. If you are driving a lot of short trips, short commute, city driving, the Smart ED is the way to go!
I respectfully disagree. My wife and I have taken multiple cross-country trips in our ICE 451 and like it very much. We find the seats more comfortable than other cars and the fuel economy is better than our Chevy Volt (40-45 vs. 32-35).
241 - 244 of 244 Posts