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Radiator fan running all the time

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Hi Guys, my roadster has been off the road for a couple of years and I have started to fix her up. However the Radiator fan is constantly running once the battery is connected. Obviously this drains the battery,
The coolant temp sensor seems ok as the resistance changes with temperature and was replaced not long before being parked up.
When running turning the AC on Increases the fan speed. Apart from putting a manual sw into the circuit I'm not sure where to look next.

Any ideas guys?
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Thanks Vadsoon, I've ordered a new coolant sensor on the off chance the resistance is off.
Do you know which relay controls it, if it inside the SAM the part number would be useful or can it be swapped with another for testing?
Before re wiring
Many thanks
Hi Vadsoom
Did you have chance to look? I e changed the coolant sensor but no difference. Just can't seam to narrow it down further TIA.
Thanks for the photo of the circuit diagram. Next step will be to take the SAM apart and check the connections
The SAM label is attached
Thanks again for the help


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Thanks Vadsoon. I'll check that out too.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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