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Radiator fan running all the time

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Hi Guys, my roadster has been off the road for a couple of years and I have started to fix her up. However the Radiator fan is constantly running once the battery is connected. Obviously this drains the battery,
The coolant temp sensor seems ok as the resistance changes with temperature and was replaced not long before being parked up.
When running turning the AC on Increases the fan speed. Apart from putting a manual sw into the circuit I'm not sure where to look next.

Any ideas guys?
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How did you resolve this problem buddy, I have same issue with 451, the fan does not turn on, when I command it with scan tool from the SaM it won’t turn on, sometimes I disconnect the batter negative and put it back, it come on direct without me turning the key to ON. I got the sam replaced because of this, the old sam, it wasn’t coming on at all, but when I got used sam install. I remembered I was able to command the fan and it came on, both from Sam and Pcm/Ecm module , I leave the car for 3 weeks and the battery went dead, I jumped started it and this direct thing started with the fan, but it doesn’t not switch on everytime I connect the battery terminal, I need to remove the terminal couple of tile before I will get it to work direct on, no fault codes on the SaM with this issue or Pcm. Assist please
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