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Radio kaput, or almost

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My box stock, passion for two, 2008, radio has finally crapped out. Well, essentially crapped out.

When set on FM 1 or 2, everything is copasetic. When set on CD, every thing is fine, unless I should venture to turn the volume up beyond 18, then the sound essentially quits. And when set on 'Aux" same as with CD.

I'd be happy with an original radio like the one I have that works normally. I'd also be happy with an aftermarket radio that is essentially plug 'n' play. Recommendations much appreciated.

Lastly, let's not blame the speakers cuz they are tip top so long as the device is set on FM1 or FM2.

So: I need one of two items: 1) a box stock radio that works; or, 2) an aftermarket that doesn't cause me to reach into the many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore from my Navy stint as an ETR-3 back in the distant day.

¡mucho gracias! in advance.
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My car (also 2008) has an aftermarket Pioneer Bluetooth and the knob o the front barely works. I was lucky enough to locate a remote and have been using that instead. Everything else works on it, just not the Multi-function knob that controls all the features. I am sure eventually it will get replaced.
Perhaps I should have included my 'ask'

Does anyone have an original radio that would fit my 08, with which they would care to part for just compensation?

And/or, does anyone have a recommendation for a bluetooth, aftermarket radio that would require no modifications to the dash. I mostly listen to books on my radio, so sound quality is not the top priority.

A link to a radio which you have actually installed in a Smart and are happy with would be terrific!

You might want to post in this thread:

It was for original non-radio pure owners but the idea is the same - pass along a radio 9 or 10 to another owner who needs one. :)
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