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On my wife's '08 Smart it developed the issue where the radio turns on every time you start the car. Oddly, it did not have this issue when we got it, and Mark at the service department always tells ppl to just bring it in and he can fix it up quick.

Well I fixed it, but accidentally. :p

I was changing the oil in the car, because it's been sitting a while. (Oil was around a year old.) And of course, after changing the oil, I reset the maintenance interval. Easy enough, actually got it on the second try. Now the Radio doesn't turn on automatically anymore.

Unfortunately, if you aren't changing your oil, you may not want to reset your service interval, but I thought I would throw the info out there for those that have the radio issue. Maybe someone else know a different method that's better, or can explain why this method worked.

P.S. this is the Radio 9 I think, it does not have the 6-CD changer. Just the one CD and the two speakers.
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