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This is actually apropos to a smart if you want to have some fun with the car in that venue. So....

Which class of rallying are you going to be doing? Going with aftermarket TSD equipment is obviously going to bump you out of the stock speedometer and stopwatch class. (or maybe the rules have changed in the last 30 years)."

I have been thinking of SCCA Class "S" (Standard - "un-equipped"). We will be complete novices other than a few "Gimmick" rallys, so I wouldn't want to begin anywhere but there. Any non-OEM odometer immediately puts you into Class "L" (Limited), though the only restriction on timepieces in any (SCCA) class is that they cannot be variably-regulated during the event. Going Class "L" immediately puts one into rarified atmosphere, but not nearly so stratospheric as Class "E" (Equipped).

But with some recent study I find that there is controversy even in "S" - the presence of OEM-installed GPS navigators. The older factions say that they should be barred, even taping over or de-fusing the instruments; the young turks want to keep it. Being an "Old smart," I guess you know where I fall in; GPS isn't where "S" began - just pencil, paper, timepiece. And how do you consider OEM-supplied stand-alone units (like the smart/Garmin)? Dunno; maybe I still have too many memories of the precision, dash-mounted Heuer "Autavia"s and "Monte Carlo"s (now very expensive collectors items).

SCCA has in recent years (decades) the problem of taking themselves too seriously in every arena (Club Racing, Officiating, Tech, Flagging & Communications, Rally, etc.). But I do have to say that their sometimes onerous regulations kept me safe and safe from those around me, and I and my wife have appreciated that -especially F&C. I can't say the same for N.A.S.A. (National Auto Sports Assoc., not airplanes and space ships), which I left early-on. So, there you have it.
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