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Your picture of the Bee shows the new owner Bruce making up his mind to buy the Bee and Jan on her phone trying to get a one way rental.
Bruce talked about worrying about 'buyer's remorse" and I now understand that there is also a thing called "seller's remorse" as well. It was a good thing to do and I look forward to working on the new "Bee."
It was wonderful to get to meet you in person.
Ah, so that guy was the lucky buyer!!! :)

Amana just got one of the most eye popping smarts on the road. :D

It was great meeting the Bee's SCoA legendary creator as well. I can't wait to see what the new car has in store!

Neon, I sure wish I had gotten to meet you in person. I enjoy your posts. Next time I'll make it a point to meet you. No excuses!
Yes! It's my own unofficial mission to meet all the regulars here!

I definitely have to make it out to a longer distance event one of these days. I've always wanted to go to OTD...

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Late as usual but wanted to add my thanks to GOT_MPG (Art) for another great Midwest Rally. Could not have had a better time (well, the Subway incident wouldn't have been missed....) with a better group of folks. Left from Indy Friday morning after a fun filled evening at jet's (the only kind he has), linked up with a couple of other smarts and we all headed for the rendezvous with Barney in Bloomfield. Made an emergency stop to keep Andrew&Amy's car from burning up - Ed and Cathy found the tools, jet did the fixing - and we were off again. After a (ahem...) short stop in Bloomington the caravan, now with the Orange Crate and Barney's big rig, headed for Amana. Got in around 3:30 p.m. and it was off to the races. As usual being with a goup of smart owners turned out to be very helpful - jet got one of my headlight bulbs correctly installed and Max (Flossy-the-smart) used his clone STAR machine to activate a set of fog lights and clear my car's check engine light. You've heard most of the rest of the story but here are a few more photos; the entire set is at:[email protected]/sets/72157644750380890/

at Casa Jetfuel

En route on I-74

The Godfather of Amana

Found wandering in the parking lot...

And they're off!

Finally, was anyone else who attended the first Midwest Rally in 2009 surprised to see this young man?

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