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I watch some of the car guy/girl shows on Netflix.

Most of them, all, are funny and arrogant. I don’t mind that.

The best so far even has a girl who is way past pro efficient.

They trade, upgrade and sell high. All have great personalities.

A winery had an older Smart they wanted modified to go between the grape tree rows.

I had to laugh, almost out loud. Even some Smart jokes I hadn’t heard. So, knowing nothing about the car, maybe not even seeing one, up on the rack and went into tearing it down.

The fun began and I have a feeling that it was more of the four times shown the car made it 50 yards. They removed all the sensors and junk.

They are genuinely nice people. A lot of funny moments with the motorcycle guy reading the Smart manual.

I don’t thing the damage they did was fixable by them without outside tech help on premise by Smart. They made a “monster” truck out of it. The end result was astonishing. The owner of the winery was enamamored. The job was you just have to see it quality. It was beautiful.

This is thanks for all the tricks you guys always have up your sleeve and I thank you all for that.

Seems this quick post is out of place but the sensors and dead stop issue or pull over now or I will do it for you I experienced.

Way off, anyone going for the Audi etron starting @ 74,000$.

Some great pics here. It is was too big for my tastes.
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