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$5500 OBO. Located in Seattle. I'm moving to Alaska this fall and this grand old girl needs a new home! She runs like a champ, is a blast to drive, and is in good used condition.

-3 cylinder turbo gasoline engine (takes premium gasoline but with 6.5 gal at a time only costs ~$20 a fill in Seattle)
-*6 speed manual transmission with a computer controlled clutch - push button automatic mode - no foot pedal! This car is a blast to drive - easily drive 70 MPH on the highway or cruise through the suburbs without cramping your clutch foot.*
- Actual (truthful) gas mileage is about 30-35 MPG in the suburbs and 42 combined city/highway, depending on your driving habits. I've never tested all-highway, but it's reported to be 45+.
- Non-smoker, adult-owned, always garaged, no accidents, very clean inside and out. Well-maintained.
- One-button power-retractable convertible top and a Sony sound system (AM/FM/CD) with aux-in for your iPod.
- Plus the usual: Driver and passenger airbags / ABS / Air conditioning / Alloy wheels / Power door locks, windows, and steering
- One of the high beams needs to be replaced and the passenger taillight it functional and secure but the edge is cracked where someone tried to take it off improperly to change the light. I don't have the time or smarts to figure out where to get these minor replacement parts.*

I am the fifth owner. The first garaged it in Las Vegas and used it as a weekend getaway car. The second brought it to Portland, where it was going to be used as advertising for his business, but then decided on bus advertising instead and so never drove it. I've loved driving this car (the convertible top just can't be beat in nice weather) and it makes me sad to sell it, but I've finally gotten over my range anxiety enough to buy the all-electric car I've dreamed about for decades. The third used it for commuting in Seattle but ended up swapping for an electric car. I purchased her two years ago from a gentleman strapped for cash who is obsessed with the G&K Smart Cars. He had the owner's manuals translated and printed in English and really babied this car. He compiled the following notes:

Very rare 2005 original design Mercedes-Benz European market Smart Car. Only 89,500 miles! This European smartcar was imported / smuggled into the U.S. by G&K Automotive 3 years before the smartcar was actually introduced in America. This is one of the original G&K cars complete with the G&K logo on the (converted to mph) speedometer. This Smart Car is not the same as the 2008 and newer Smarts! It is a real European Smart car with the turbocharged Mercedes engine NOT the American version with the non-turbo Mitsubishi engine. Plus, unlike the later Mitsubishi powered cars with the 5 speed automatic transmission - this European model of the original smartcar has the amazing 6 speed manual transmission with a computer controlled clutch and no clutch pedal, and it really is amazing how it works. The original G&K cars also have the super bright projector beam headlights found only on these cars. This is not an automatic transmission with paddle shifters either. This is a manual transmission with a push button automatic mode, and unlike the later cars this one has 6 speeds instead of 5. Yes, the car actually has a clutch - but no clutch pedal and when you come to a stop on a hill it will roll backwards if you let your foot off of the brake after the one second hill holder lets go. As you shift from one gear to the next the car automatically disengages the clutch, lets off the gas, you push the gear shifter forward to move to the next gear, and then the computer puts the gas back on exactly where it was without ever lifting your foot off of the accelerator pedal. Then when you come to a stop the car automatically goes back to first gear, making this car so much fun to drive.The interior is in excellent condition with very little signs of wear. It is a very rare color - most of them are black. The front seats are clean and in excellent condition with no rips or tears. The interior door panels and dash are clean and in excellent condition. The carpets in the vehicle are clean and odor free. This Smart Car has been well maintained and serviced regularly.*This 2005 Mercedes also has power windows, power locks, remote keyless entry, security immobilizer, air condition, traction control, ABS, airbags. These European Smart Cars were directly imported from Europe in 2005. This particular car was purchased new in Belgium with 3 km on the odometer. There were only 108 Smart Cars imported by G&K Automotive in Santa Ana California and the company ended up paying a $140,000 fine to the EPA when they got caught too. So for the smartcar purist or collector this really is a very rare and highly sought after vehicle. It has passed all EPA and DOT inspections and is a fully legal U.S. car. This car has a clean and clear Washington state title and can be titled in any other state as well. The car comes with all of the original books and papers too that show it was originally purchased in Belgium.


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