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rear axle cv joint noises?

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Recently did an overhaul on my 08 passion (burned valve and burning oil at 130K miles) After putting it together and getting back on the road, I noniced a noise that I don't think I had before. It's a metallic click that happens when I start forward or reverse, then again if I let up quickly on the gas and let the wheels push the engine. . It's defininately coming from the rear and since I don't remember hearing it before the overhaul, my first thought was that I might have neglected to tighten some motor mount let the motor rock forward and backward as the motor was being torqued back and forth. Checked that out and they were tight. Next on the list was CV joints. Jacked rear wheels up, one at a time and rocked them back and forth while holding the axle locked with a pair of vice-grips at the transmission. and couldn;t hear or feel any wear there, but maybe I wasn't putting enough torque on it to duplicate driving conditions. Taking the vise grip;s off and letting the torque be transmitted all the way through the transmission to the other locked wheel I could hear a click, but it could have come from any of the joints or the transmission.and didn't really sound like what I was hearing .My question is...has anybody had a CV joint go bad and what symptoms did you get? I don't get the noisre when I'm going over 10 mph. and the joinnt boots are all in good shape.
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The noises that defective CV joints will make when under load are a clicking noise, clunking noise, and shudder.
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