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So the rear glass of your smart will no longer latch. Here's the repair and you can save 3 of 4 hundred dollars by doing it yourself.
You'll need a set of star type screw drivers - Harbor Freight 5 or 6 dollars.
Lift the rear glass. remove 6 screws (2 outside the storage area, 4 inside) attaching the outer skin to the storage box. Be careful not to drop the plastic outer skin. Scratches and broken wires will result.
Look at the attached image to view the broken motor(relay) vs a new relay. I your relay is stuck closed as per the image, continue.
The part to replace is the "lock motor" (4519064400) msrp $27.50. It's located to the lower left. Remove two screws and the hold down plate. Remove the electrical connection and cable - don't force anything - you'll figure it out. Everything snaps apart.
In the interim while waiting for the new part, I drilled a small hole in the storage compartment directly below the cable end. I twisted a copper wire to the cable with cable ties and routed it to the outside so as to be able to lock the glass. Pull down to open the latch manually. Make sure you secure it to the cable well - if it detaches with the glass latched-you have another problem.

smartcenterseattle quoted me $360 to do this repair and worse yet, they ordered the wrong part to boot. They never looked to see what part was broken. So much for MB dealers.
Good Luck


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