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Before you ask, I've already tested the latch which is 100% successful at switching to ground(also tested ground).

I have a 2009 Smart Fortwo Cabrio with the soft top and no longer get any reaction from the latch. I have taken apart the entire tailgate and tested all wires and the switch. I have also replaced the actuator with one from ebay. It seems upon connecting the blue wire(IIRC, not at the car now) to ground, I'm not getting any voltage to the Blue/Red wire going into the actuator for the tailgate. The wire seems to go to the front of the car and I think I traced it going to the back of the fuse panel toward the back. But that's as far as I get. I assume this blue/red wire should go to a relay somewhere that gets closed when the car is unlocked.

Toward the end of it's functionality I noticed when opening the trunk the actuator would sound like it was struggling a bit to open/close. Then it would act intermittently for a few days. Then it just stopped responding all together.

Any idea? My guess is maybe I need to replace some relay. I can only find the 3 relays behind the fuse panel and the ones for the rear lights a the rear of the vehicle. I can't find any diagrams explaining the 3 relays near the fuse panel.
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