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My 2013 got spark arc while I was changing the 12V battery. Although the 12V ground cable was removed first, when I removed the 12V + cable it slipped and contacted the metal hold down for the battery. Since then, although the car functions perfectly normally, I have a code on the dash display with the exclamation/triangle code, and a Take it to the Workshop message. I can't get the car inspected, as the local inspection station does not have the appropriate scan tool, nor will the local Mercedes/BMW/Honda/Smart dealer take it in for service, as they only sell and service fossil-fuel powered smart cars. Closest one to me is 167 miles away in Scarborough ME.

Can anyone recommend a scan tool that can clear this code? Any guesses at what the code will be?


Bob in VT

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Shot in the dark here Bob, but did you try to disconnect the 12v battery, wait 30 minutes or so and reconnect? No clue if that will work, but you don't have much to lose. As for a code reader, there are a few threads about which ones have the capability to read the codes in our Smart electrics. They are in the electric car forum and came up within the past week or two. Your other option might be a trip to one of the Boston dealer area dealers. No shops around you that specialize in foreign/Mercedes cars that might have the Mercedes Star diagnostic system?

Good luck and keep us posted.

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