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Red battery light

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Just purchased an older (2013) Smart Fortwo and noticed that sometimes when idling, the red battery light pops up. The dealer said not to worry about it, but the owner's manual says it could indicate a problem. Is this normal? I've never driven a SmartCar before and know they have their quirks, but I don't want to ignore a potential issue.
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You could have a broken alternator belt!! Don't run it, if so. Fix it ASAP as it also runs the water pump. That's how Cheewawa's original engine got fried.
That's what happened to my "Parts Car" too. I would expect though that if it's the belt the light would remain lit. Still I would take it back to where I bought it (MB or used lot) and give them a chance to make it right. Still, I'm not too sure I'd trust them to fix it right if they said not to worry about it in the first place....gets out the electrical tape and puts a strip over the alternator light "There, fixed good as new!"
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