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The paint on my radio volume control knob was very worn and chipped. Since I wasn't able able to locate a replacement I decided I'd try to refinish it.

This is a continuation from this thread here, where I outlined how to remove the radio knob.

This is how I decided to refinish the volume knob:

~ Soak the knob in isopropyl alcohol or laundry detergent to soften the paint and scrub with a brush.

~ Use polish or rubbing compound to remove any paint residue, clean with alcohol again.

~ I carefully measured the knob and designed my artwork in Adobe Illustrator. Since I was going to all this trouble, I thought I'd customize the design a little and add the smart logo to the center of the knob.

~ I cut a mask out of adhesive vinyl using a Silhouette Cutter. This could also be done at almost any sign shop.

~ Apply the mask and paint the knob with semi-gloss black enamel, remove the mask before the paint is completely dry.

~ Allow the knob to dry thoroughly and polish with a mild abrasive to smooth the masked edges.

~ Install

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