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Remote won't unlock door and and can't stick key in door lock

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Just picked up this 2011 today. Remote seemed to work fine this morning as well as the door lock. Tonight when I try to unlock it with the remote, the lights flash 3 times but none of the locks do anything. Same thing happens if I press the other two buttons. 3 flashes. Battery in the remote bad? It works from 50 feet away. Wouldn't be too bad if I could at least open the door with the key but the blade won't all the way in all of a sudden.
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Ok, it was the battery. Showing 2.8 volts. Found a matching one in the refrigerator at 3.3V and the remote works fine now. Lock cylinder still won't take the key most of the time.
Seems to me a mechanical problem. Already tried some WD40.
No idea if the ignition re-keyed in it’s past.
Removed the door handle from the door.
Removed the lock from the handle.
Removed the lock cylinder from the lock.

Still very hard to get the key all the way into the cylinder.
Took to locksmith. Said it's a key wear issue. He removed one of the wafers from the cylinder and now it works smooth. Charged $10.
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