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Removal of little drawer under radio. 2015 smart.

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Hi all. Did something dumb and lost a plasticized pass card behind the little centre drawer. Now drawer won’t close....and I need the card. How do I remove it.

Thanks in advance.

J and A.
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From my google drive. Step by step directions how to remove radio and drawer.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Is what they refer to as “the pocket” actually what I’m referring to as the little drawer?

Yup. Pocket/drawer is same thing. Took me about 10 minutes to uninstall. Be careful of the screws though. Lost one trying to put it back in. It’s still floating around in my dash somewhere.

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Thanks Johannes. By the way, we have the same first name. By chance are you dutch?
Thanks Johannes. By the way, we have the same first name. By chance are you dutch?

Cool! I’m actually German but named after my Dutch great grandfather.

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Now ain’t that a kick in the head. I am first generation Canadian from Dutch immigrant parents, I speak very little dutch, aber ich kann gut Deutsch, Spanish und Franzosich. When we visit relatives in Holland they are always miffed that I can carry on a good conversation in German but suck at Dutch.

Thanks for the help. I’ll give it a shot on the weekend.
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So I pried off the front and saw the circuit board underneath it. I’m afraid of breaking the board if I pry on it. What did you do?

Circuit board? All you should see when the radio surround is removed is the front of the radio and the drawer, with access to the retaining screws. :)
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No I mean the little circuit board behind the row of switches. God I suck at this. How does the board come off.

You pulled the switches away from the board. Just snap them back on and then pry the whole button bank out. Make sure you have your fingers under the entire assembly. :)
They snapped right back on. Nervous about pulling that board off. What holds it in place? ?
A clip on either end - just keep increasing the pressure until they release. :)
Thanks again dude. I’ll try it when I get back in a couple days.
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