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Remove the fan from the blower motor. Is it possible

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Good afternoon,
I have looked and can not find anything on here about removing the plastic fan from the blower motor. Is this even possible? I have had them fail a couple of times in the past and just bought used ones to replace the old one. This time I bought a new assembly (but a cheap knock off). When it arrived it was so noisy that I bought another used OEM fan and all is well. Now I have a noisy fan motor with a new fan on it AND an old motor that works fine but has a broken fan. Since I now have these parts (got a partial refund on the new one so I kept it since it was better than no fan at all) I was wondering if it is possible to get the good fan off the noisy motor and put it on the old motor. Or is this a press fit with a little glue that will never come apart? Has anyone been able to remove one?
Thank you.
Brad Dadles
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