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Removing Front Spoiler - Help

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I'm looking to replace the front spoiler on my 451 2013 Smart Car.
Right now, I have the black textured spoiler, and I want to replace it with the smooth black spoiler.
Part Number- 4518850225CA7L

Can I remove just this piece? Or is it required that I take off the whole front end?
If I do have to take off the whole front end, how hard is that to do?
I removed the door panels one time to fix a broken window, and it took me hours to get the door panel back on correctly.
Not sure if I can emotionally handle that again, haha.
Thank you!

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It comes off with the front body panels.
Then it can be removed afterwards.
I’ve had the front off mine but didn’t really notice if that part is held in with clips or screws when I had it off
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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