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Now Renault is reportedly jumping on the EV announcement bandwagon in Paris.

The French automaker part of the Renault-Nissan alliance is reportedly about to unveil a new all-electric Zoe with a range of ~220 miles – about twice its current range. The Renault Zoe is a popular vehicle in France and becoming increasingly popular in other European markets – though it’s still not available in North America.

It’s a fairly small 5-door hatchback with a NEDC-rated range of 150 miles – meaning its real use is closer to 90 miles. The car is currently equipped with a 22 kWh battery pack and this is where it becomes interesting, Renault doesn’t sell the battery pack.

The Zoe starts at 21,900€ ($24,500 USD), which is pretty inexpensive, but buyers have to “rent” the battery pack, which starts at 49€ ($55 USD) per month and the cost can increase based on your mileage.

Since it owns the battery packs, Renault is keeping a close eye on mileage, charging cycles and degradation. It is able to remotely limit the charging of a pack if the owner is trying to circumvent the mileage restrictions.

Reports coming from French media, are claiming that Renault will debut a Zoe with a range of “320 km” (200 miles) at the Paris Motor Show. It’s not clear if we are talking about NEDC range, therefore I would take this with a grain of salt, but the reports are talking about “range under normal conditions”.

The same report from BFMTV is claiming that Renault developed a new smaller electric motor with higher efficiency, but the bulk of the range increase is achieved through using new LG Chem battery cells in the battery pack. No word on the total energy capacity of the new pack.

Nissan, Renault’s partner, has long been working on a new 60 kWh battery pack to introduce in its EV lineup.
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