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Brought to Bermuda by the French team for the 2017 America's Cup. Interesting transportation option (only "car" rental) - rather claustrophobic back seat!!!

Weight: 992 lbs
Length: 91 in
Width: 47 in
Height: 57 in
Range: 60 mi (Island of Bermuda is 23 miles long)
Battery: 6.1 kWh lithium-ion

Driver airbag
Rental battery

Just returned from Bermuda, competitively priced and a viable option to the scooters . . .


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We rented a couple, was it in Norway? (I forget where exactly). Besides the bird poop on the inside of the door, my son had a sore butt after riding around in the back seat!

(I still wanted one I confess)....

Price must be lowered now. Wasn’t cheap from my recollection....
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