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Replacement battery cells for Smart ED 451

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Hi, everyone.

I have a 2013 Smart ED 451 with dead battery in Russia.

When dismantled, the battery was only 40V instead of 360V. I carefully raised it to 336V and keep on charging with small current.

Unfortunately, one cell out of 93 ones remained zero volts, and must be replaced to fix the problem.

Does someone have separate cells in good condition for sale? I assume inland delivery to California to my friend who will arrange sea delivery to Russia, because Li-Ion cells are prohibited to shipment by air.
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Good luck on your search and fix. Please keep us posted on the search and the fix. Many of us here will be interested.

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I found separate cells with unknown condition in California for 75 USD plus delivery expences. If someone is interested, I can share contacts.

My friend recently succesfully repaired his Mitsubishi I-MIEV's main battery with Chineese modules. So now I am checking rumors that Chineese factories can produce any kind of cells with acceptable quality.

The photo of my battery is attached, it is the same as in Youtube videos. The inner resistance of a cell is 0.75 mOm.

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I know most think there won't ever be a replacement battery for the Smart ED other from Mercedes due to low mount of cars made. I hope they are wrong. Good luck
Based on what little degradation we tend to see on the monitors, I wager that more smart electrics will be totaled (putting battery cells into the secondhand/used/wrecking market) than will need replacement cells/packs. That's certainly the case for the higher volume Nissan LEAF; used cells are plentiful and readily available from wrecks.

There might be an eventual (ultra low volume) demand for new-new battery packs 15+ years down the road, but given the low volume of smart electrics sold, I don't expect a secondhand supplier of vehicle-specific new packs to emerge. What would the worldwide market be for 451ED packs 15 years from now? A few dozen/year?
Those look like the tesla pack, 2013 and newer are the german pack.

Mine was replaced 2 years ago at dealer under warranty.
There seems to be 2 different ones that fit the 2013 car.
Make sure you get cells for the one you have.
There are some youtube videos of people taking them apart.

Can you provide some information as to how the battery pack became dead? Thanks!
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