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replacement Head lights 451

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In need of replacement headlights and unable to source a wanted set of 451 Brabus styled blackened headlights, I went with the after market TYC headlights from Rock Auto at $109.00 apiece. Now most times I see the TYC Stock photo of these head lights it appears as if the silver inner parts are some what darker then other Brands. I have even asked a few ebay sellers if that was the case. None would confirm that. But at the rock auto price point and the need to get them growing more urgent I was happy with the purchase. When I received the lights they are not any different form the stock lights in color or look. They came complete with all bulbs and dust caps. They will be installed by the shop that is repairing the front end of my Smart.
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Congrats on the new lights.
I replaced my lights as they would not adjust properly, and they were quite fogged, polishing did no good.
You might want to ensure the up/down adjusters work prior to the install. After installing my new lights, I could not
get the right side to adjust. The vendor replaced it for me at no cost... except for the task of removal and install.
Nice to be able to drive after dark!
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