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Clarence 1 has reported a post.

This poster is more of a heckler then an honest Smart car owner. This poster seems to want to be sarcastic instead of helpful. For a new Smart car owner on this sight i find this post offensive.

This posters name is :DowneasTTer

Thanks clarence
Post: Regular verses premium which is smarter ?
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Posted by: DowneasTTer
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Thanks for your reply,, I will have to do some research, figuring this car hold 9 gallons and the price is generally $0.50 to $0.75 per gallon, I don't know that running 91-95 % is saving anything.
Your car you put in what you want. However, do us all a favor and tell us the VIN so the rest of us wouldn't have the pleasure of purchasing your car on a used car lot down the road:D

Personally I don't know of any auto makers that would purposely propose you spend more on fuel costs than needed to keep the warranty costs low.
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