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Why is the sexuality or even gender identification something to be discussed and ranted about on a Smart Car Forum? Who cares about such matters in how it relates to the Smart Car? As a site that should realistically be discussing the car itself, this particular thread headed down the toilet with all the gay, transgender and anti-religious comments being made in this posted thread and mostly by this person posting. I don't push my beliefs off on others about these issues, but i also don't like someone else taking over the site in posting their rantings of how life has treated them differently for being gay, transgender and/or anti-religious. I feel those issues are better served in some other forum, myself.

This is not my board to run, but I am expressing my own opinion as it is something I do not feel comfortable with. I am not complaining as an anti-gay individual, but simply saying I do not feel that these issues are appropriate here. I do enjoy reading about anyone's experience with their Smart Car, but I do not appreciate or like reading about their sexuality choices in life or how they relate to others because of it. Just my opinion.

I am not sure that this is even the method to register a complaint here as I have not complained in the past. This thread just irritates me because of what i feel is totally inappropriate discussion for this type of forum. It would not matter to me if the person ranting was straight and wanted to discuss how often he has sex with his neighbor's wife or anything related to such. It just comes across as inappropriate in my own opinion. I am asking that consideration be given as to the thread being removed. Not everyone is a "gay hater" simply because they do not share the same thoughts about sexuality as the gay community. In an appropriate forum such differences of opinions and beliefs can be addressed, but I do not feel that this is the proper forum for such, myself.

I have not posted a reply to this thread on the Smart Car forum board as it would only antagonize the original poster or one other individual who replied to it. I am not doing that so that I do not further downgrade the thread into a bickering contest over gay rights. I am responding here as I am presenting my opinion for consideration in the matter. I just believe it is wrong to wander off into one's own sexual and religious preferences in this sort of forum.
Post: Why are ******** in Pickups So Offended by Us?
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Posted by: BlackBrabus
Original Content:
I unfortunately live in Arkansas. I've had my Smart for two weeks and it's easy to see that country boy ******** in big pickup trucks are offended by Smart Cars and smart drivers. They have been ganging up on minorities all their lives, so why should Smart Cars be any different?

If anyone has a common experience, I'd like to hear it. My goal since getting my first Smart Car is to drive with respect and follow the rules of the road. Why should that be so dang difficult. During an 8 mile drive from the store to my home, I was attacked twice by a full size Tahoe and two large pickup trucks.

Is this familiar to anyone or am I the unluckiest Smart owner in the world. BTW, I'll never leave home again without my two DVR cameras mounted front and back. Looks like I'm going to need them.

Just a mile after leaving the store I came to a stop light, but it had a yield sign for drivers turning right. Even though I looked left and saw no cars, I turned right and before you could bat an eye, a large Tahoe was up my ass so fast there was almost no time to react. BTW, I installed a Go Pedal this week and it makes the Smart take off like a Formula 1 racecar. (You have to buy one). I speak with confidence when I say I am sure we all know when someone is screwing with us. That Tahoe accelerated so fast to get to my rear bumper, so he could let me know "How dare I pull in front of him". As soon as I pulled out, Tahoe or not, I accelerated to 5 miles over the speed limit (45 mph so I was going 50 mph) and I left the Tahoe in my Smart Car proverbial dust. At that point the Tahoe couldn't keep up, but he was going to show me who was boss of the roadway.

Not two miles down the road, I was at at stop light on a four way divided rural highway and I was in the left lane. Of course a pickup was in the right lane. We both took off. I prefer to get into the right lane as soon as possible to allow faster cars to pass me on the left. The speed limit was 55 mph and I was driving 62 mph. The pickup was on my right and was side by side with me for at least a mile. I didn't want to go faster than 62 mph in a 55, so I tried slowing down so I could get behind the pickup. Well, the pickup slowed down as I slowed. Now I'm going 57 mph and the truck is still right by my side. So, here comes a second pickup behind me and closing unusually fast. I accelerated to pass the first truck so I could move over to the right lane and let this fool go by. Next thing I know is I'm going 75 mph and the first pickup is still door to door with me, so I punch it and the Go Pedal kicks in and I finally get past the first truck. The second truck passes me on the left and aggressively swerves in front of me with no turn signal. Now the second truck is in front of me and he starts to slow down to 50 mph and the first truck pulls up on my left and they box me in and continue to slow to 30 mph in a 55 mph and I cannot go anywhere, so they are showing me who is boss of the roads in Arkansas. OMG! If I was African American, who knows what would have happened. (Arkansas has towns called Sundown Towns that any person other than white would not be caught dead in or they would be caught dead. My son in law and two grandchildren live near me and they are African American, so this Arkansas bull crap hits home for me in a big way. So these idiots have me corralled, but I have two secret weapons. One is a Go Pedal and a narrow car, so I immediately hit the gas and moved right to the right side shoulder and drove right by them both. We came to a stop light on a road that narrows to one lane about half a mile away. I reached down and grabbed my Go Pedal control head and switched from Sport 1 to Race 3. When that light turned green I floored it and never lifted. :burnout:

I looked in my rear view and those two red neck pickups were so far back, they didn't even try to pass me, because it was too late for them to do anything but embarrass themselves. (As I type this description, the radio is on in the background and Clint Black's #1 hit song, "Nothin But the Taillights" is playing. Not only is that what those pickup trucks saw, my Smart Car Taillights, but my brother-in-law wrote that song for Clint. If you follow country music, my brother-in-law is Steve Wariner. Steve is in the country music hall of fame, has 21 #1 country hits he wrote and sang, but also wrote x3 #1 songs for Garth Brooks (Long Neck Bottle"), Brad Paisley, Clint Black and Keith Urban. As a matter of fact, Steve wrote Keith Urban's first #1 hit single, "Where the Blacktop Ends". If you haven't heard of Steve Wariner, check him out on youtube when you get the chance. With the Grammys coming up, he has 6 grammys, 7 CMA awards and 8 AMA awards. Can you tell I'm proud of him. :D

So...back to my story Lol, four miles later I was coming to my subdivision, I slowed down so the two pickups could see my car and I turned on my turn signal way before I normally would, in hopes they would follow me, because I was ready to have a little talk with those cowards. Wouldn't you know it, they both just drove right by without a peep. I don't want to fight, but I have invited many to take the first swing, because then it's on like Donkey Kong! I would never instigate a fight, but I'm a dominate male figure with a strong personality and higher than average intellect. I'm like you guys, a Smart Car driver. :smartlogo:

So, within 15 minutes and 8 miles, I encountered 3 red neck bullies in big trucks that accosted my little Smart car, even though I drive with a passion for following the rules of the road (Except driving 5 miles over the speed limit, unless it's a school zone) with a propensity to be kind and courteous every chance I get.

My question to you is WTF! :shrug: Am I the only Smart driver that this happens to. I just got my Smart two weeks ago. Am I going to get this type of unwanted attention and persecution because I dare to be different? I'd like to hear what your experiences have been. Maybe this was just the unluckiest 15 minutes and 8 miles I'll experience this year.

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After I read the whole thing I think the last post with all the religious discussion is the problem - looks like a TOS violation, although most of the OP's comments are technically OK they can certainly rub some people the wrong way. Using "*******" is pretty offensive in itself, to me anyway. What do you think about leaving it in the tank?
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