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Another duplicate tire thread from a new user. Admins needs to put a stop to this.
Post: need your advice (size for all 4 corners)
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Posted by: TRobinson6
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i want to run the same tire on all corners. first off is to get 2 more rear rims. i would like to run a 195/55 (if it will fit on a 5.5 wheel) so would there be any issues or should i go 185/60?

thank you for sharing your wisdom

(i have tried reading the posts but i just got confused to no end)

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Moved 5 posts all about tires and rims from TRobinson6 and sent an pm about what his options are. basically a condensed version of what has been posted in the past and what he has been told numerous times.

1) buy 2 rims to match rears (5.5 wide)
2) buy 4 rims in a design he likes 9at least 5.5-7 wide)
3) pick out a set of tires that will match the rims, I recommended the Altimax as they absorb the bumps and handle much better than stock, and will fit 5.5-7 wide rims

I also told him to stop posting about tires and rims as we have too many posts about them now.

and to go with the 185/55-15 with the same size rear rims which is what I did and was very pleased with the results.
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