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Huronlad has reported a post.

Another tire thread from the same user, it should be merged with one of the dozens of other questions threads or this thread
Post: would like two favors
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Posted by: TRobinson6
Original Content:
1. pictures of a 451 with stock wheels and 195/55s showing from the side and from the back and the front (at least one pic down the side

2. would like to talk to someone with a 451 running 195/55s

I am on EST and my number is 4078605237

thank you

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seems like Huronlad is a bit sensitive about any post Trobinson6 adds. I understand how Trobinson6 feels about pulling the trigger on a set of tires as they can be quite an investment and commitment.

doesn't sound like it is worth any action to me.

However, Huronlad does needs to take a breath and calm down.
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