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Post: Tips to get ED batteries to possibly last 15 to 20 years
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In any case, the battery capacity should gradually taper off over time and not suddenly fail. Even if the capacity is below the 80% limit that is considered a battery failure, one can still drive it. Case in point: I had a salesperson at a local used car dealership specializing in EV's tell me that none of the Leaf batteries have failed. When I inquired about what he meant, it was clear that he didn't consider a massive reduction of capacity (like 50%) to be a failure because one can still drive the car. I was amused by this.
Thanks; the opinion of an EE is greatly appreciated. So would I be correct in assuming that an old battery that only had 50% capacity would function like a normal battery (i.e., have sufficient charge/voltage to have the car run like it did when the battery was new), except that the range would be halved? t
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