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Sadly a city can be the worst place to own an electric car. Most city dwellers live in apartment buildings where, if they are lucky, they can park their car in a space in the building's garage. A garage that probably doesn't have any options for charging an electric car. They might have to park on the street, again, where there is probably no way to charge their car. People in the suburbs who live in single family homes are much better equipped to own an electric car, but it can be quite difficult in a large city.
There will be some who must park on the street or in lots with no electrical outlets, but I disagree that most city dwellers are in that situation (the operative word here being "most"). I have lived in many cities, usually in apartments, but never had to park in the street nor had problems with outlets. I also have seen rows upon rows of homes within a five mile drive of downtown Seattle and Boston that had garages or at least driveways. Furthermore, most cities are not large, and smaller cities have much less of the parking issues you describe. Fortunately I no longer am an apartment dweller, but my home is only a five mile drive from the city center and has plenty of garage space with outlets, as do all my neighbors.
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