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this might qualify as a vendor??
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So I've been running the fuse 11 switch for awhile and played enough to know the do and dont's
I'm thinking of starting to produce these as a 100% plug and play unit with no need to modify or wire. Simply mount a switch and plug in. This will alow you to turn the traction control and esp off at the flick of a switch without the need to hold the buttons on the dash or pull fuses. That means simpler to have fun with your smart when you want to. Kit will come with the harness and install instructions. Along with how to use it. And will be aprox 15 dollars Canadian. Just wanted some feed back if anyone's interested. Will start production early in Jan and shipping out by mid Jan to end of January

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I had the same thought but I think we made exceptions for people making things in small numbers and not selling commercially, like the guy that did the cruise control LED kits. "Helping the smart community"....
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