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jimvw57 has reported a post.

I wondered when someone would have enough of this guy..
Post: wheel offset
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Posted by: WhiteNBlack08
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do all 9 spoke 15x5.5 wheels have the same offset?
No offense man, but how many times you going to ask the same question? It wheels & tires, not rocket science. Everybody and their brother have posted what they run for rims & tires, and it's still not good enough for you.

Have you been officially diagnosed as OCD???:shrug:

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I deleted your visitor post because I think it's public and anyone can see it - if that's not he case, my bad.

mrbadexample has been banned before, but somehow he was let back on, just like Bill Hitchcock, so even though I'd like to ban him we'd be on shaky ground doing it. What he posted was rude but not sure if it counts as an attack. If he does something like that again we can give him a couple of weeks off and see if he changes - I doubt he will.
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