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Same post in 2 different areas....

Still not sure if he has any attachment to the place he seems to be advertising for..
Post: Any Clubs in the Milwaukee, WI Region?
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Posted by: chattieh10
Original Content:
Amazing Place to Fix or Repair Your smart Car in Milwaukee​

Through family, I found the perfect, and from what I see, the only place to get your car fixed or repaired in the Milwaukee area, which I will list below.

So, you must give one guy and his father props. for this: Derek and his father Gary! Please tell them that I, Robert Mc Mullen, Derek and Gary sent you in order to get 10% off your first fix! Hey that's a bunch, when you think of the cost of Fixes on a smart Car in the U.S.A.!!!

So, let's get down to the grind. Where is this funky place...

Griffin Chevy
11100 West Metro Auto Mall
Milwaukee, WI 53224

Who do you have to talk to? First off:

Carlee Brown (her number is +1-414-434-5151, Card attached below)
Then Gary Maertz (the guy who will coordinate everything)
Finally, Rodger (the guy who will fix your smart Car or to add stuff on, speak to Derek)

If you do it in that order, and give the names, you will be ready for your fix!

Remember: 10% off when you tell them my name, Robert Mc Mullen, and then Derek's name and finally, Gary. You will get that 10% off on your first visit!

Take care and hope you have a great time with your SMART CAR!!! See you in Dubuque, IA for the smart Car Rally!

Drive Smart!
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