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jimvw57 has reported a post.

Not the first time this guy has decided he knows everything and makes up his own theories.

I will Issue himn a warning, next time he gets an infraction.
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Posted by: Jo e Lefors
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Whoah... this whole thread is a bunch of remarks about what a 451 is compared to everything from a Yaris to a F150, and none of it is answered back by the original poster. All I hear is that a smart is great for what it was intended for, a city car.. and is OK modified, or used within reason for anything else.

This is going in a big circle with no end in sight. As per the TOS, let's agree to disagree and get on with life. Otherwise we can close the thread.

The OP made one post and has not been back. what does that tell you??
Last Activity: Today 07:48 AM Tells me the OP was active today. Doesn't mean he / she isn't reading them. I was not aware that a thread HAS to be responded to by the OP in order to remain open and active.

I guess if were no comparisons in life there would be no need for the Oscars, no coke vs Pepsi, Ford or Chevy. Comparisons are part of life. I OWN a smart and I owned one years ago, therefore I can compare against other cars I own. Just because the comparisons don't match your narrative you threaten to lock the thread ?

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Not sure where this was going but hopefully it is resolved. I try (not always successfully...) to stay out of confrontations with members if possible. This guy can be a pain and maybe this got his attention.
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