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sounds more like an advertisement for his buisness
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Posted by: Shiloh4378
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I buy many of their vehicles at the local dealer auctions. They tend to have a good customer base and their trade-ins are better than most.

As for prices, I guess I should mention that I'm one of their larger competitors here in Atlanta as well. I have about seven Smart cars, all with less than 10,000 miles that I'm selling for $6000. They're all covered under the Mercedes 4 year / 50,000 mile warranty and, to be frank, I'm pretty well known in the world of automotive journalism. My name is Steven Lang and I co-developed a long-term reliability study called the Long-Term Quality Index.

If you're interested feel free to PM me. Atlanta is a cheap one way flight from most areas of Florida.

All the best!
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sounds more like an advertisement for his buisness
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