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Time to step in?? Neon seems to have handles it. I thought Tfluis18 might be a problem and he seems to be living up to my expectations. He needs to calm down on his 'class action suit' talk.
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Posted by: Tfluis18
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Although I did not initiate the exchange, I understand why he would defend his master if, as mentioned in the thread, he's a Smart salesperson. Job security can prompt some people to do things they otherwise wouldn't. However, I agree that this forum serves as a conduit for the exchange of information to help members and therefore, I extend my apologies, even when his are not forthcoming. That being said, please note that nowhere in my notes did I encourage anyone to join a "class action" suit. Whilst true that such may be the outcome, should enough people file suit for the same issue, it is not a foregone conclusion. Moreover, please note that whilst the dividends from a class action are sometimes less than meaningful, that is not always the case. I recently received a $96.00 settlement for a class action I joined sometime ago against ATT. I know that by today's expectations that is still not a considerable amount of money, but it'll at least make ATT think twice before screwing it's customers in the future by allowing non requested fees from other vendors to be added to customers bills. Needless to say, anyone that doesn't want his (or her) portion of a class action because is too low, is encouraged to transfer the funds into a bank account I would provide upon request. All such donations will be appreciated ??! Similarly, please note that the potential monetary reward is not (at least in my view) the main reason to pursue legal action. Every time big corporations are allowed to get away with putting their financial bottom line ahead of consumers' rights, society as a whole suffers. As I said before in my thread, I would gladly forego my monetary reward if the courts forced them to fix this problem for us all.
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