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jimvw57 has reported a post.

Huronlad is getting downright rude ere. maybe time to step in??
Post: 09 Brabus can't get it to start!
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Posted by: Huronlad
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That is the 3rd time I have had to tell you the issue with your car is with the transmission. But you waste our time by telling us all the things you have done that have nothing to do with what you have been told to fix. In the future maybe actual comprehend what you are being told.

Forums like this are about people sharing their experience with the car. We are not a free resource to make demands of to help fix your car and then ignore the help given repeatedly!

You need a STAR or equivalent machine to confirm the replacement parts are integratedécommunicating with the other computers.

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I spoke to him in Canada on Saturday, passed on the complaint(s) and asked him to dial it back when dealing with new folks. He didn't seem thrilled by that so we'll see if further action is needed.
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