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more personal attacks, and mentioning firearms (Glock) These guys need a time out!
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Posted by: halfcack
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Yes, I do. You took my advice and read my posts. I have a page full of genes passed down.

Or, you didn't.

Either way, you have to be careful of elder abuse, especially in writing.

This is a courtesy. Three cops have been harassing me for seven years and they haven't come close to raising my pulse, regarding my ex female wife, Blaine. One was having an ongoing affair with her, no love lost.

Two tried a home invasion one in back by where I was sitting. One working the two locks in front. Rolling tumblers and bump proof. I was in fear of my life. NYS plus age, ?

The one in back fell off a pea growing fence with his Glock out.

I'm actually starting to enjoy it. No history with any of the three.

I have the video, so does the mayor and the captains of the locale I reside.

You are not headed in a good direction, this is the last one I will answer.
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