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still sounds like a veiled sales gimmick and advertising. maybe he is getting a kickback??
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Posted by: rijowysock
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my dealer, the one i've literally bought 6 of these damn things from. and tried to push before (i get 0$ kickback, i just ask that you ask for my salesguy so he gets credits for sales)

my dealer has... 5 left, 2 are auto (all silver one and the blue white) and the rest are manual.

the matte grey manual theyll let go for like 9000$+TTT
the crazy top of the line white/blue is like 10,500$+TTT

the rest are between (priced like 45% off sticker or so)

if anyone wants a 453... cheap, easy, they dont charge any crazy dealer fee ($250 doc fee) they dont charge crazy shipping (i pay $250 for door to door shipping).

mercedes of bedford (ohio)

New smart Fortwo at Mercedes-Benz of Bedford Serving Cleveland, Beachwood, Westlake & Lakewood, OH

sales guy is kyle remesik, he gets the same "credit" for selling a 100k benz as a 10k smart.. so it's nice to get his sales perked up.

if you are eligable for USAA or PENFED or a couple others, they have a $3750 incentive that kicks out some other incentives but makes your price less!

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