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Posted by: SMARTConvertible
Original Content:
Date: December 7, 2012
Order No.: SM-B-80.00/02a
Supersedes: SM-B-80.00/02, August 8, 2012
Group: 80.00
Revision a: Revised with Additional Process Steps.
MY-All, Model 451 Procedure to Request SAM Password After Customer Loses All Existing Keys
When learning a new key into the SAM of Model 451, all existing keys must be present. For situations where the customer needs to order new key after losing all existing keys, you can request a special password that allows the SAM to learn new keys without any old keys being available.
The customer must have the following documentation before you can proceed with the request:
^ Valid vehicle registration with the customer name shown as the owner ^ Valid vehicle title with the customers name shown as the owner or lessee if vehicle is owned by a financial institution 1. Create a PTSS case for the vehicle with the symptom: Overall Vehicle//Safety and Locking System//Locks/locking/remote closing mechanism/Nonfunctional. 2. In customer complaint enter: Customer lost all original keys. 3. In workshop findings enter: Need password for SAM to learn new keys. 4. Ensure RO field is filled out and matches the RO for the spare part key order. 5. Attach clear and legible copies of both proofs of ownership documentation stated above. 6. You will receive in return a password for use in DAS version 11/2012 and later that will allow you to program key transponder codes in the existing SAM control unit.

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Wondering if his account has been hacked somehow - he says he just found this forum yet he has several posts from last year. Anyway, nice to know info, but multiple posts.
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