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Getting a little testy in here.. Why do all the posts on Elio end up so negative and back stabbing?? watching this...
Post: Elio UPDATE and it's not good . . .
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Posted by: Tony Margulis
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If he were a crook, he wouldn't have gone broke.
Bizarre logic. Crooks don’t go broke, eh??

He didn’t simply “go broke”, BTW. He made a bunch of far-reaching (deceptive) product claims, based on no credible evidence, in order to bankroll his self-serving fantasy by bilking innocent people. When he couldn’t deliver on any of his promises and spent all of people’s ill-gotten reservation deposits (or hid money offshore), the game was over.
Steven, your logic is clearly bizarre. Do you know how many millions it takes to design and engineer a car from the ground up? To find a factory and retool it for production? Hundreds of millions of dollars. Like I said earlier if he were a crook he would have taken the deposits and left with nothing to show for it. But we do have something to show for it. He actually designers and engineered the car. There are about a dozen actually driveabe prototypes built. He secured and started retooling a manufacturing facility in Louisiana. And he ran out of money. That's bad planning. That's not a crook. A crook would not have spent all the money actually trying to do what he promised. I guess your idea of a crook is any business owner that fails?
And where the heck did you here that he's hiding money in off shore accounts?
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